My name is Khan NEE FAN- Sharks khan!!!

original_Shahrukh-Khan_46cc254151c3cShah-Rukh-Khan is one of the smartest ‘hero’ of Bollywood.  The most amazing thing is with average look, height, talent and crooked voice he become (called) Badshah of bolywood, King Khan, etc etc. When his film is about to release he hit the media with one or other ‘controversy ‘ and he did same thing during release of  ‘My name is Khan’ also.When MNIK was released.. there was a war of words between him and ShivSainics. I wrote this blog at that time and published it in my Rediff blog. Unfortunately my blog is not available now ( i removed my blog from Rediff  )… today I happend to see copy of it on my PC. Want to share it once again…

Read what he says about his success story: 

“”…Truly touched by the response & love. Keep it flowing..we can repair everything in the world. After all you only made it!!. I am just a film hero… you all in the theaters are the real deal.…….””

Why not, your well played card finally gave the fruits what u expected man!!!

But one thing I dint understand is, what can be repaired by watching this film… indo/pak relation, cross border terrorism or poverty, unemployment, illiteracy…or will it give justice to the people who lost their lives in fighting against terrorism or it will give justice to those who are the victims of terrorism/ who lost their lives in terror plots or will this Movie change the mind set of those culprits who spoiled many young mind to take wrong path in life, sacrifice their lives at tender age …. or this film will give India International Honors for opening the eyes of Americans.

This is not the first film on issue it address, on same themes, many films released before.

”The success of “MNIK” is victory of aam-admi….” Times Comment.

It’s victory of no one but SRK. He Once again Fooled people, used media…By targeting Shiv Sena he divided people over the IPL issue to make his film hit at the Box Office. If he really concerned over Pak players, he could have picked them…as he own one of the IPL team.

 It’s not coz he loves Pakistan or cricket or his religion. Everyone knows Shah Rukh loves only Shah-Rukh khan. It’s mere publicity stunt to fill his pocket( as he said-‘ I am just a film hero… you all in the theaters are the real deal.…’ )  He played a well planed game with emotion of people to promote his film. With average look, height, talent and crucked voice he become (called) Badshah of bolywood, King Khan, etc etc.

Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan leaving the press ...

Man! You are * Rocking! So… You like Padma (shree) or Bharathi(ratna)! OK! I’m gona nut cases!!argh!

[ If you are really interested solving problems concerned abt Aam aadmi stop doing gimics!… ]

This is scary face 😥

Indian actor Shah Rukh Khan, arrival for press...

No it’s not…!!

OK… I will SHUT UP Bye!…… GOOD Bye.

Sorry for wasting your time! On such dump thing…….:(


One thought on “My name is Khan NEE FAN- Sharks khan!!!

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