Why do we feel hurt?


 Why does it hurt so much when someone close to you behaves in an undesired manner? We never expect our loved ones and friends to behave rudely. We have a limited comfort level with others, but we share the most memorable time with people close to us and when they change their attitude it hurts; it really hurts a lot.

Well, when I open the horizons of my mind and start thinking about it I feel that it is our ego that gets a hurt. Over a period of time we tend to take things for granted; we take people for granted. We exhibit our emotions in a negative way without even realizing it as we have taken people for granted. Always remember, there is a human being on the other side and he thinks differently. That’s the reason we are being taught to respect everyone from childhood. Respect builds up self esteem and one who has a self esteem never feels like he is hurt by someone. Self esteem does not stop you from approaching people to say sorry for your mistakes; neither will it stop you from making others understand the wrong on their part.

Every time I feel hurt, I realize that I am egoist and I need to improve. I feel that we should take this in a positive spirit rather than spending our precious time thinking Why me. Nobody can hurt you; it’s your ego that hurts you. Kill your ego and build up your self esteem which portrays your good inner and outer self.

” Count each day as a separate Life.”

India Bollywood
Success is a Delicious Dish.
Patience,Intelligence,Talent & Ability r Key Ingredients,
but HARD WORK is that Little salt that makes it tasty.
So have a hard working week to get some delicious dishes at the end of each day.

[ Source: my mail Box ]

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