Few Thoughts on Life


Here are a few thoughts on Life. Enjoy reading them and have a wonderful day..!

LIFE is like cotton –
Don’t make it heavier by dipping in water of sorrow,
But make it lighter by letting it blow in the wind of joy.

One day DREAM asked LIFE
“When will we all come true?”
LIFE smiled and replied
“NEVER because when you all come true,
I lose my meaning”

Every obstacle that comes in LIFE is either
an opportunity to grow or think differently
an excuse to believe that we are stuck.

Life is like a card game.
Choosing the right card is not in your hand,
but playing well with the cards in hand
determines your success

Love this song .. Shaam Tanhai Ki Hai Aayegi Manjil Kaise …!

A friend 4 ever
Always take extra care of 3 things
Becoz they don’t make noise when they break.

[ Source: My mail-Box ]

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