People In Your LIfe!

Those who tell you only what you want to hear
do so for their own benefit, not yours.

Those who always agree with everything you say
cannot provide you with anything of real value.

Those who challenge you, whether they intend to help
you or not, do indeed help you to grow stronger.

Those who respect you enough to give you
their true opinion, provide valuable feedback.

Those who give you everything you want without
asking anything in return, can end up making
you powerless and overly dependent.

Those who insist that you earn your keep are
doing you a tremendous favor.

Those who let you get away with lying or cheating
will push you steadily toward despair.

Those who hold you accountable for all you do
will help you to build true and lasting self esteem.

Those who truly care about you are not always
the easiest or most comfortable to be around,
for they will consistently hold u to the very highest standards.

Yet they are the best kind of people to be around.
Because they will indeed help you to attain
those high and valuable standards.


~Ralph Marston~

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