They are all around us.
We see them.
We use them.
Some are harsh words…
Some are soothing words . . .
Some are biting words.

Words can give pain and sorrow;
Words can give joy and pleasure.
They are vital for all communication.

When words are spoken
there are going to be reactions. . .
Negative or positive.

Either thoughts are triggered
or emotions fired, or actions performed.

Words color my behavior.

How lovely it is to hear words
that is calm and free
from rancor and aggression . . .
To hear words that lifts the soul,
And leave it with renewed vigor and the
Strength to face what is before us.

Such words are the sparks of purity.

It is important to remember
That speech indicates what is in my mind.
As I think, so my words are uttered.
Mental calmness makes for calm words.
A pure mind makes for pure words.

It has been said that
“Speech may exalt someone
To kingship or send him to the gallows.”

I can not let myself indulge in false,
Bitter and vicious speech.
I want my words to reflect
my inner, spiritual nature,
which hopefully is one of purity and peace.

Words, once spoken, can never be recalled.
They reverberate all around, and
Go places beyond our control.

Today, when I utter words,
I want to try to think of
What effect will they have on
those who hear them.
Will they be the words that are
poisonous and cause pain?

My tongue could be like that
of a nightingale . . .
Sweet, very soothing and lovely to the ear.
It is my choice.
Which will I chose to use?

~Amber Rose~

Here are some wonderful colorful pictures. Wish you a day filled with colors and fun filled colorful weekend. Enjoy and be refreshed to start the grind once again on Monday….!

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