Monday Inspirations – 2

It's that time again! Monday lust & Link Love! : 2nd Edition. Featuring: Blue ‘n green terracotta jewellery set: Daily wear terracotta set done in the spring colors of deep sky blue, turquoise and green with a glossy finish to bring that sparkle in your life..! A trendy terracotta jewellery sets containing abstract painting in colors. A quick way … Continue reading Monday Inspirations – 2

Owl’s Trending And Why It Is ‘Hoot’ !

The sudden onset of owl-inspired creativity that brings these furry winged animals back into fashion. In the modern world, it isn’t a surprise when owls become a source of artistic inspiration revered by many. The owl as a symbol, represents Athena, the goddess of wisdom and strategy long before the Greeks started to give the … Continue reading Owl’s Trending And Why It Is ‘Hoot’ !